Goodbye, My Sweet

Tomorrow’s a Big Day

Posted on: February 14, 2011

Starting tomorrow I am replacing Splenda with Stevia and Truvia. I love Splenda. It is the next best thing to sugar in my opinion.  I’ve tried Stevia and Truvia before and all I can say is – eh, it’s okay. But artificial sweetners can have an effect on blood sugar because the body can react as it would to sugar in some people. But can Stevia do the same thing? Will my body say, “Hey, this is sweet. I must react.” (My body doesn’t really talk this way. It tends to be verbose so, I paraphrased)

And then there’s the philosophical question; should I be putting any added sweetness in my mouth? If the point is to stop craving sweetness, should I be adding any kind of sweetness at all? I think that’s a more advanced step I’ll take later on.


2 Responses to "Tomorrow’s a Big Day"

Very best of luck! I went from sugar to Splenda, then from Splenda to stevia. I didn’t like the aftertaste of stevia so now I have no added sweetener at all. It took a while, but now I seem to have lost my sweet tooth. Mind you, I never drank any sort of pop, or soda so that was an initial advantage.

Does splenda raise YOUR blood glucose? I never used stevia although it was in the back of my mind from time to time. If you can tolerate splenda and you prefer the taste, I don’ see a problem. I rarely use any form of sweetening now but I won’t hesitate to use it if that is what I want. I think the mental punishment you put on yourself is way worse than any weetener on the planet. BUT, you must be mindful of what you are eating. You do want to lose that strong desire for sweets but realize it will not be today or tomorrow. It may not be for several months before that desire is gone.

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