Goodbye, My Sweet

I Can’t Get My Mind Off Diet Soda

Posted on: February 23, 2011

I cannot believe the amount of time I spent thinking about diet soda today. My favorite is caffeine free diet Dr. Pepper but I like caffeine free diet Coke. I kept myself hydrated with water. I had a couple cups of coffee with Half & Half and Truvia. That was so satisfying.

I imagined the taste of the Dr. Pepper and how sweet it is. It really has a complex combination of flavors. It’s sweeter than Diet Coke. I could imagine the feel of sweet liquid cooling my throat. I miss it so.

It’s been only four days. Four frakking days. I told myself I would commit to 30 days just to see what would happen. Now I’m thinking that if I can hold out for seven days that will be amazing. I really want to pull this off but if I don’t lose weight it may not be worth it. Oh, yeah.  That’s the point of all this. I want diminish cravings for sweets because I want to lose weight. This is harder than resisting cookies or ice cream.


2 Responses to "I Can’t Get My Mind Off Diet Soda"

You might want to look into getting a Sodastream machine. You can make flavored carbonated water with it and it makes a great substitute for artificially sweetened sodas. The machine comes with orange, lemon and berry extracts to flavor the water. I also sometimes add fresh lemon or vanilla extract. The bubbles make it seem like a real treat.

I’ve never heard of this. Sounds interesting. Do you add any Stevia or Truvia to give it a sweet taste?

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