Goodbye, My Sweet

Next Step in the Process

Posted on: March 4, 2011

It will be two weeks tomorrow that I’ve stopped consuming diet soda and splenda. I’ve been using a lot of Truvia. I’ve also been drinking about four cups of coffee a day with half & half. I’m a true believer in the teachings of Dr. Adkins, Gary Taubes and the other low carb gurus so I don’t think that calories are as important as carbs. But, I think you can go overboard.  The half & half is going overboard for me. Lactose is a form of sugar so it may be stimulating and satisfying a milder form of sugar craving. The next step in the process is to stop using the half & half in my coffee.  I will continue to use some dairy in cooking and eat a little cheese here and there.

I’m concerned that this will also be difficult but if I could kick the diet soda and splenda, I should be able to kick a little dairy product.


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