Goodbye, My Sweet


Goodbye, My Sweet chronicles my attempt to deal with my addiction to sugar. 

I have battled weight all my life. After years of dieting and various programs, I resorted to surgery. In 2007 I had a Lapband “installed” because my insurance paid for it. Part of the surgery process required pre and post surgery consultations with a nutritionist. At this time I first learned about Adkins and carbohydrate restriction.  Just about the same time I learned of a diet called Kimkins which promised surgerylike weight loss. (Kimkins was later proven to be a fraud). I managed to lose about 70 lbs. but for the few years I have not been able to lose much more.

After much reading, websurfing and my most recent struggle with sugar, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am addicted to sugar. I’ve decided to blog about my addiction and my thoughts along the way. 

My goal is to be honest and open. I’m sure I’ll be hard on myself. I hope to learn more and possibly find a way deal with my addiction.


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