Goodbye, My Sweet

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It will be two weeks tomorrow that I’ve stopped consuming diet soda and splenda. I’ve been using a lot of Truvia. I’ve also been drinking about four cups of coffee a day with half & half. I’m a true believer in the teachings of Dr. Adkins, Gary Taubes and the other low carb gurus so I don’t think that calories are as important as carbs. But, I think you can go overboard.  The half & half is going overboard for me. Lactose is a form of sugar so it may be stimulating and satisfying a milder form of sugar craving. The next step in the process is to stop using the half & half in my coffee.  I will continue to use some dairy in cooking and eat a little cheese here and there.

I’m concerned that this will also be difficult but if I could kick the diet soda and splenda, I should be able to kick a little dairy product.


The withdrawal symptoms have subsided and I’m feeling much better. Before there was this constant craving that gnawed at me. I’ve also found that that obsessive thinking about food has gone away as well. You know, that constant, “What can I eat? What can I EAT!” feeling. I attribute this to being achieving ketosis.

I believe that staying way from the diet sodas and the Splenda has helped to curb the desire for sweets.  I didn’t like Truvia when I first tried it because it didn’t tasted sweet enough for me. Now Truvia tastes good to me and I’m cutting down because even that’s too sweet if I put too much in my coffee or my flavored sparkling water. As sweet as Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke could be they were never be too sweet for me.  Even lots of Splenda in my coffee never got to be too sweet.  I never knew there could be such a thing as too sweet.

BTW, I’ve lost a couple of pounds in the last week.