Goodbye, My Sweet

What This Blog Is/Is Not.

I believe that I have an addiction to sugar. This blog records my journey to break myself of the desire for sugar, artificial sweetners.  I hope to share feelings and information.  I want to add a little inspiration as well.

This blog is not a science blog.  I’m not any kind of medical professional nor do I play one on tv.  I will link to much smarter, experienced professionals and bloggers to explain my choices and beliefs.

This isn’t a low carbohydrate or paleolithic diet blog.  I do believe that low carb is good; paleo is best from everything I’ve read.  But my focus is on the sugar.


6 Responses to "What This Blog Is/Is Not."

I have stayed away from sweets for several years (for the most part) after reading different studies on how cancer needs sugar to grow. As long as I keep that in mind it helps to think of sugar and wheat as “poison” to my body. Google ketogenic diet for more information. Giving up sweets is very difficult and I wish you much luck!

Welcome Patty. Thank you for your good wishes. So many people say that you can’t give up sugar forever; that you have to “treat” yourself once in a while. Maybe some day I’ll be able to do that but not now.

I have used some 12 step mantras over the years that have been a big help trying to stay away from junk food. They are to “take one day at a time” and “Just for today I won’t take that first compulsive bite”.This way I don’t dwell on never eating something again but focus on just this day.

I’m slowly learning to take those moments. I’m afraid that I’m just like most of America. I want to have my cake and eat it too! I always wanted to lose weight now. I wanted to control my weight loss with a capital C. “One Day at a Time” seemed too laxidasical an approach for me.

What foods are you eating to support your desire to ditch the sweets?

Mary, I’m eating low carb. I try to stay away from too much cheese. I like roasted chicken. About once a week I’ll have some baked fish like cod or talapia. I make a type of quiche with eggs, half & half or light cream, cheese and maybe I’ll add some onion or bacon. I love a good steak. With dinner I’ll have low carb vegetables. Any suggestions?

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